Divided We Fall, a docu-series that shows ordinary Americans wrestling with what it truly means to be an American, the divides that prevent it, and what we can do to bridge the gaps.

Watch the trailer
narrated by Dan Rather.


Watch the trailer below, narrated by Dan Rather.

Divided We Fall is a television docu-series created to match the challenges Americans are now experiencing in our political and public discourse. We were inspired to prove on camera: despite profound divisions, Americans are hungry to connect and bridge the divides. Americans want to talk with and listen to each other. Americans want the core of our democratic experiment– "We the People” to succeed.

Over 48 hours on set, twelve individuals faced a series of topics and exercises regarding what it means to be an American, the challenges facing our country, and their ideas for achieving a “more perfect union.” The participants include an equal number of men and women and equal number that strongly approve and disapprove of President Trump.

NPR features Divided We Fall

What does it take to get citizens from red and blue America to talk to each other? Divided We Fall is on a mission to improve conversation, not just among politicians, but everybody else.

Read the article here or listen below.

Boston Globe profile

Boston Globe's story on the unusual friendship formed by members of the Gen X cast; Donna (Trump supporter) and Jeff (Trump opposer).

Chicago, Millennials
January 2019

Twelve millennial voters of different races–not afraid to dive into divisive topics. Despite difficult conversations, by the end of the weekend this group of strangers became friends.


Partisan divides

Khadijah and Dan talk about their frustration with our partisan divisions.

Common ground

Niki and Ernest on finding common ground.

Civility and connection

Tommy and Michael reflect on the positive experience of engaging in civil discourse with people who hold different views.

Massachusetts, GenXers
September 2018

Twelve GenX voters experience heated discussion and profound changes as they find common ground.


Engagement and a chance to bridge the divide

Heather and Amanda reflect on how to engage with other people.

Social media in contrast to civil discourse

JJ and Jeff react to social media interactions and Carolyn talks about empathy after connecting with peers.

Unity without tragedy

Cast members discuss 9-11 and how people came together in the aftermath.


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