Divided We Fall is a production of New Voice Strategies in partnership with the National Institute of Civil Discourse.

New Voice Strategies mission is to create, incubate and launch projects to heal divides, restore compassion and strengthen self-government.

The National Institute of Civil Discourse (NICD) was created at the University of Arizona in response to the tragic shooting of Gabby Giffords and eighteen others in Tucson and works to reduce political dysfunction and incivility in our political system.



Larry Andersen is leading the production and editing.


Asst. Editor Shondra Burke’s credits include main editor of Errol Morris's award-winning documentary Fast Cheap & Out of Control and all episodes of his televised First Person series.

She has also edited these award-winning documentaries: Ethan, I Can’t Breathe (Dir Pete Favat), My Louisiana Love, The Flute Player, Circle Up, Adrift, Tre Maison Dasan.



The Chicago crew:
Dave Jack, Max Jack, Dan Gurke, Michael Girts, Rob Henning, Patrick Charles, Alex Cirillo and Lawrence Henning

The Ashfield, MA crew:
Mike Larini, David Rabinovitz, Cheyenne Capri, Zoe Dong, Ken Fraser, Andy Turrett and Patrycja Pawlak.

Photography by Mark Ostow and Marissa Fiorucci.

Design by Parallel Arts.



Tiziana Dearing is a host of Radio Boston on WBUR and a national voice on social impact, social justice, inequality and poverty.


Rev. Jennifer Bailey is an ordained minister and public theologian. She is the founding executive director of the Faith Matters Network and a Public Voices Fellow of The OpEd Project.

Civil Discourse Advisors


Dr. Carolyn Lukensmeyer is the Executive Director Emerita of the National Institute for Civil Discourse. Carolyn previously served as founder and president of AmericaSpeaks, an award-winning nonprofit organization that promoted nonpartisan initiatives to engage citizens and leaders through the development of innovative public policy tools and strategies.

Cynda Rushton is the Anne and George L. Bunting Professor of Clinical Ethics in the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics and the School of Nursing, with a joint appointment in the School of Medicine’s Department of Pediatrics.




On August 5, 2016, Larry Andersen, an editor/videographer, was sitting on his sailboat moored in Boston Harbor talking with Tom Cosgrove, a strategist, at his cabin in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania.

Together, they hit on the idea of a new reality TV concept to bridge the deep divides in our democracy.

The result is Divided We Fall.